All the samples used below are carefully curated. I removed all the sensitive information and kept only the table of content, the index, and few pages that are appropriate to share.

When working at Oracle, I appreciated their training courses. They opened a door for me to learn database architecture, programming skills, and application development and customization. This page only showcases a few samples of my past projects.

At Stantec, our team put great emphasis on documentation when developing database applications. It was because we had a customer support team who heavily relied on these documents to troubleshoot incoming support tickets.

When working as a contractor at Alberta Blue Cross and Alberta Pension Services, I went through excruciating code reviews; however, at the end of it, they helped me to become a better programmer.

The example below is a project integrating an acquired company’s financial data into Stantec’s Oracle system. My task was to create a Web interface that took invoice data and ran business rules to validate data quality before entry into company systems.

Coding Dashboard Technical Design (sample)

The following is a user manual created for the internal support team on a timesheet application.

Oracle Clock In / Out Manual (sample)