Predicting Job Performance

After employees are hired, a key activity that an HR analytics wants to conduct is to explore what factors predict post-hire employee performance the best. One reason to do this is to test how valid the interview processes are; a second reason is to identify the factors that will predict who is likely to turn out to be a high performer.  Continue reading


Recruitment Analysis

When it comes to recruitment and selection of new employees, one of the key focuses at the forefront of an HR analyst’s priorities is to minimize bias as much as possible. In this post, we will examine diversity-related analysis on recruitment and selection activities. For example, what are the gender – male and female ratios of people who are shortlisted, interviewed, and ultimately offered a job? Also, the analyst may wish to conduct a similar analysis linked to ethnicity and other important demographic categorizations other than gender. Continue reading

Predicting Employee Diversity in Teams

In the previous post, we learned from a financial institution that the type of the team – sales or professional service has an impact on the prevalence of the minority groups. The conclusion was that the proportion of the staff with different ethnic backgrounds is significantly lower in sales than in the professional service. In this post, we want to know if we can come up with a model to predict employee diversity across the teams.  Continue reading